6 Ways You & Your Single Squad Can Take On Valentine’s Day

As amazing as being in love and in a relationship can be, there’s a ton of benefits of being single that we might not think about. The mushy gushy holiday of love will be here soon, though if you’re single this time around, my friend and Cinqe.com Matchmaker Erica Arrechea has some great suggestions for how to spend your time.


1. Binge Watch a Full Season of Your Favorite Show

Whether you’re feeling a little down about being alone on a romance-heavy holiday or happy about being able to do your own thing, relaxing and binge-watching your favorite show will help you stay in good spirits. Pour yourself a glass of wine, run a nice bubble bath or anything else you do to unwind and enjoy your own company.


2. Invite Over a Single Guy or Girlfriend

Being around people who you always have a blast with can make any holiday or situation 100x better. Take a note from number 1 and pick out a few movies you both love and take the day or Valentine’s weekend to enjoy doing absolutely nothing.


3. Focus on Others (Volunteer)

Giving back and helping other people is a year-round activity that never gets old or loses its merit. Volunteermatch.org always has information on events going on within the community and ways you can help out people who really need some kindness and help shown to them.


4. Secret Santa (Valentine’s Edition)

This is a cute game that is exactly like Christmas’ Secret Santa only for Valentine’s Day. Get together with a few friends, pick names, and treat one another to a sweet gift.


5. Throw A Single’s Party

Who said Valentine’s Day had to be completely about couples? You can have as much fun, if not more, with your fellow single friends by throwing a little get-together at one of your homes. Decorate, prepare some food, put some music on, keep it as small or large as you want to.


6. Group Workout

The feeling that comes after a good, thorough workout is so invigorating and a great way to keep your mind and body moving. Grab a friend or two and check out a Soul Cycle, Zumba, Bootcamp class, whatever you’re in the mood for, and focus on feeling good and taking care of yourself.
I hope these ideas inspire everyone who’s single this Valentine’s Day to not think of being single as a negative, but view the advantages of doing your own thing and enjoying every minute of it.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


If you’re single and seeking love in the Los Angeles, OC or Bay areas, consider joining Cinqe’s free online network at Cinqe.com/join.

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