Not Your Typical Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

LOVE digital signValentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure, not to mention costly. You’ll probably see more men at the grocery store this time of  year, buying everything red and pink from the front of the store. Avoid the clichés this Valentines day and try a different approach. Be sure to please your sweetheart this year with something less ordinary.

  1. Instant Digital Camera

    Try the pocket-sized Polaroid Snap Touch Digital Camera! Make moments and capture memories with a stylish fully automatic equipped camera and printer combination. Snap some photos with your Valentine and print instantly!

  2. Scratch the World® Map

    A scratch map is a great gift for your traveling love bird. Don’t forget to bring a quarter so you can scratch off places you’ve been together!

  3. Custom mix tape on Spotify

    Remember the A-track mix tape days? Or making a CD with downloaded music from Napster? Kind of like that, but on Spotify. Easier, modern, and free. Make it cheesy, make it funny, or make it romantic.

  4. What I Love About You Fill-In Journal

    This Knock Knock love journal is a fun way to tell your Valentine how much you really care without having to write an original love poem. This $10 step-by-step love journal will make her (or him) smile from ear to ear.

  5. Google Home Mini

    Say hello and get answers with your Google Home Mini. This mini version of the Google Home is only $49 and right now you get $10 off if you buy two. Get a Valentine’s Day gift for yourself, too!

  6. Personalized Talking Button

    We’ve come a long way from the Staples ‘easy’ button. Why not customize a talking button that speaks to your date? Now your Valentine can literally push your button.

  7. Rainbow Scratch Art

    You may not be an artist, but show off your skills using rainbow scratch paper. Scratch anything you want from a love note or an innovative drawing. It’s fun, easy, and you can even draw together on this special day.

  8. This Cuddle T-Shirt


    Self explanatory, really. Get this shirt for both laughs and cuddles. Win-win.

  9. Personalized Street Signs

    Now you’ll always be on Electric Ave. or Lovers Blvd. Destination: already there. How cute.

  10. Mini Greenhouse

    You know, a beginners kit to watch your love grow. Plus, it makes for some decorative greenery around the house or yard.

Don’t forget to include a small card for an added personalized touch. Make a collage using your couple photos, print in black and white, and use it as wrapping paper. Go ahead, add some chocolate for a sweet dessert.

If you have ideas of your own or want more, let me know below!

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