My Favorite Sunsets in Newport Beach

You really can’t go wrong with an Orange County sunset. I make it a point to be by the ocean at least a few times a month for sunset, with or without a camera. You can see the pinks and blues from the 405, but where are the best spots in Newport Beach to see an EPIC sunset? Here are a few of my favorites:

Newport Pier

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This old-fashioned pier in the heart of Newport has so much charm. The views are spectacular and the photos are as well. When the light shines just right, you can’t help but snap away with your camera until the sun goes down.

The Wedge

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A dream for Southern California surfers, the well-known Wedge is a spot by the very east end of the Balboa Pier. The wedge is known for its extreme waves that will go up to 30-feet high. For those who aren’t surfers, this is still a great spot to enjoy watching huge waves and the sunset.

Little Corona Del Mar

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Little Corona Del Mar is truly a treasure, especially during sunset. Located at the end of the Corona Del Mar town, this beach is surrounded by spectacular rock formations and epic views. Wear shoes with a good sole if you want to experience the sunset through these rocky coves.

Crystal Cove

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Regardless of sunrise or sunset, the views from Crystal Cove Beach are phenomenal. You can walk down the beach and enjoy the sea life that exists in its tide pools or enjoy the beachfront restaurant, The Beachcomber. Read about how to rule your weekend by starting with a perfect sunrise here.

Balboa Pier

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After a fun-filled day at the “Balboa Fun Zone” located right next door, walk over to the pier to enjoy the sunset. Since parking is a little difficult here, you’ll find fewer crowds during your sunset exploration.

I’m addicted to sunsets because they are good for my soul. Where are your favorite sunset spots?

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