Orange County: 3 Unique Places to Bring a Date

Deciding on a good spot to take your date can be stressful all on its own (besides having to worry about what to say/wear/etc!). Luckily, my friend and co-founder of Cinqe Matchmaking, Erica Arrechea, offered 3 fantastic date spots that are perfect for a casual date in Orange County, California. Check out the ones she suggested below!

1. The Lab

The Lab Costa Mesa

Photo courtesy of

Located in the Anti-Mall, The Lab has a hippy, chilled back vibe to it, and is a good date spot for those that don’t want to go out and do anything too fancy but don’t want to party either. Also a great place for just relaxing and talking with your date. Click here for directions.

2. Corona Del Mar Coffee WalkCorona-Del-Mar at sunset

We call this the Corona Del Mar Coffee Walk because it’s more of a route rather than a specific spot. Grab a coffee at Rose Bakery or Zine Cafe (both located on PCH) and walk to Marguerite Avenue. Then from Marguerite, walk to inspiration Point all the way to Lookout Point (takes about 30 minutes). The views of the ocean are absolutely breathtaking and so is the sunset if you walk the route during the late afternoon.

3. Balboa Island


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Traveling to this cute little island would be a wonderful second date. You can choose to take the Balboa Island ferry, walk, bike, or drive to get there, and once you do you’ll find that there’s a lot to keep you and your date busy. Take a long stroll through the shopping strip, take a look at the beautiful homes and boats along the island and if you’re in the mood for Italian, grab a bite to eat at Ciao.

What are some other casual date spots you’d recommend?

You can check out more date ideas, advice and more on Cinqe’s blog and if you’re single and looking to find love in 2018, consider signing up to join their free network at!
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