Gift Idea: Keepsake in a Candle

Candles are often perceived as a cliche gift idea. But a personalized candle could be a keepsake forever. Keep this in mind whenever you travel with a best friend or loved one. This gift will be sure to please and save you money.

Fujifilm Instax Camera photos

1. Collect sand, rocks, or leaves

I like to carry ziplock bags everywhere I go. You never know when you will find some unique treasures out in nature. In my candles, I used sand from Black Sand Beach in La Jolla, CA, Angel’s Landing in Zion, UT, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Kanab, UT. Use your own discretion while collecting as you do not want to disturb natural landscape.

2. Take a photo and print

Choose your favorite photo from the location that you collected sand, rocks, or leaves from. I printed small Polaroids with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. I use this camera to pin photos everywhere, it really makes for a universal decorative tool especially if you love photos. You can easily print them from your phone, too!

3. Write a memory on a popsicle stick

Popsicle stick memoriesUsing a thin black sharpie, write down the location and year, a fun short memory, or quote. Anyone who admires your decor will know that this was personalized and made with love.

4. Use a clear vase for display

I recommend one with at least a 4″ diameter. Keep in mind you still need to fit a tealight candle inside! This 3-piece set of glass cylinder vases is only $16.99.

5. Add a tealight candle

If you do not already have some laying around, tealight candles are useful for crafts of all kinds. Plus, they are super inexpensive! Here are 30 unscented tea light candles for less than 6 bucks.

6. Wrap in burlap

Use anything you have around the house, whether it’s a strip of burlap, wrapping paper, or even some braided yarn! Easy-to-do and finishes the candle with a nice touch.

7. Gift away!

Or keep them for yourself (like I did) because they are just too cute to give up. If you want to preserve the sand, use tin foil to wrap the candle while not in use. And don’t forget to take out the photos while candles are lit, or keep these strictly for decorative use.

Travel Candles

Have more DIY gift ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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