A Perfect Sunrise in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach

Live or visiting Orange County and want to take advantage of every waking hour? Here’s one of my favorite things to do, and it still gives you a full day of weekend fun. The trick: waking up early. The solution: freshly brewed coffee ready to serve.

Now that time has ‘fallen back’, the sunrise ranges from 6:30am to 7:00am. We arrived at the beach 15 minutes before the sun came up and at this hour, you completely avoid the crowds. There are approximately 10 parking spots for Ruby’s (the Shake Shack Restaurant) at the very top of Crystal Cove. Keep your eyes out for the small parking lot off Hwy-1 (Pacific Coast Highway) as the entrance is easy to miss. The restaurant opens at 7:00am.

Lit Christmas tree Crystal Cove Sunrise

Walk 100 yards north and you will see the cute wooden stairs that lead you straight to the sand. If you are lucky enough to visit during the month of December, the small village community puts up a charming Christmas tree. Walk along the shore and enjoy watching the other early birds (actual birds) and meet the friendly people who are just taking in the view.

Sunrise beauty in Newport Beach Crystal Cove Featured

After a nice stroll and photo session along an almost-empty beach, Ruby’s Shake Shack will be ready to serve a delicious breakfast and coffee. The food is inexpensive given its prime location and the service is always friendly. There is ample seating next to the cute 40’s style restaurant and plenty of heat lamps for those chilly mornings.

Iced Coffee Ruby's Shake Shack

We were ready for the rest of the day by 8:00am.

Time for a hike?


A nap?

Probably. But there’s nothing better than starting your day off right with epic views without having to battle to usual weekend beach traffic. Here’s to taking full advantage of every weekend.

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