Overnight Camping Guide: Alabama Hills, CA

As most full-time employees know, weekends are precious. Saturdays and Sundays fly by and the next thing we know, we're back at the office. You only have 48 hours, just enough time to make a drive up to Alabama Hills in Inyo County, CA, for an overnight camping trip. You may give up the luxury of extra sleep or lounging on the couch, but I guarantee the short adventure will rejuvenate you for the next week. Once you arrive you will realize why there have been hundreds of movies filmed here including 1938's 'The Lone Ranger' and 2000's 'Gone in 60 Seconds'.

The Toyota Life: The Long Road Home

Let's Go Places. Not just for the sake of getting there, but for the sake of going there." I'm taking #letsgoplaces literally this summer with Toyota. But this time, I'm getting there with extra space, more comfort, and in style. Join me as I head back to my home town in the new 4Runner TRD Pro.

8 Instagram-Worthy Photo Ops in Tulum

It's paradise for photographers, vacationers, and professional relaxationers (I just made that an occupation and a word). The Tulum weather is bikini-friendly all year long, the crystal clear waters are a beautiful deep turquoise, and the resorts cater to your vacation dreams. Most of the best photo spots are not shared with the public so we had to discover most of these ourselves. I know most of the fun is in the exploration but why not share the wealth?

Why Angel’s Landing in Zion is the Perfect Hike

It was a chilly October morning. We heard Angel's Landing was amazing - full of red rocks and beautiful waterfalls, but we had no idea how impressive this place would be. It combines uphill challenges, variety, and viewpoints so insane you have to stop and stare (or take a picture, because you have to). Here's your guide to discovering the perfect hike in Zion: Angel's Landing.

10 Weekend Trips from LA

Who doesn't love a quick getaway? Whether you want to escape with your loved ones or even try it solo, you deserve to take a short break. Take a weekend trip to one of these awesome locations without breaking the budget. If you just want to get out of Los Angeles for a change in scenery, start here!

A Perfect Day Trip to La Jolla

Bring out your weekend warrior and take a day trip that is cheap, easy, and sure to fill your adventurous soul to get prepared for the upcoming work week. While a trip to Tahiti for a weekend is out of the question, the adventure does not have to be. Take a day trip from L.A. to La Jolla and you'll come back more relaxed, more tan, and more fulfilled.

7 Best Dog-Friendly Trails in Orange County

Orange County is known for its beautiful beaches and pristine neighborhoods. Its parks and beaches are extremely well kept due to the county's strict regulations which sometimes excludes your fluffy pal. They are definitely there to preserve nature, but responsible dog owners often have a tough time finding outdoor places for their beloved pets to smell fresh grass, play in the sand, or mark their 'territories'. However, there are still some hidden spots in Orange County to bring your best friend to roam everywhere and smell everything!

Your Guide to the Ultimate Winter Weekend in Park City

Park City, only a 45-minute drive from Salt Lake City, is home to some of the best ski resorts and snow-covered mountains in the country. So, we booked a weekend trip to Utah for an early Valentine's Day celebration and the city welcomed us with incredible adventures, small town charm, and an abundance of snow. Check out my guide to Park City complete with things to do from day to night!

Not Your Typical Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day can be a lot of pressure, not to mention costly. You'll probably see more men at the grocery store this time of year, buying everything red and pink from the front of the store. Avoid the clichés this Valentines day and try a different approach. Be sure to please your sweetheart this year with something less ordinary.

R&R with Backyard Candles

Achieving your dreams takes hard work and dedication. Amidst the hustle and bustle, it's time for some R&R. Rest and relaxation, doesn't that sound nice? Sure, we're still beginning a new year but between the work hard and play hard, it's time to relax... hard. Add these candles for some peace and tranquility!

My 2018 Travel Bucket List

Resolution of 2018: Travel as much as possible to destinations I have never been to. Is it possible? Sure. Is it probable considering financial budgets, career priorities, and limited time? Well, I'd like to think so.
These destinations may not be exotic islands in the Atlantic Ocean where you can swim with pigs or slay dragons from the top of a castle, but they are perfect for simple weekend adventures. For travel enthusiasts and weekenders alike, consider one if not a few of these if you want to rule your breaks this year.

My Favorite Sunsets in Newport Beach

You really can't go wrong with an Orange County sunset. I make it a point to be by the ocean at least a few times a month for sunset, with or without a camera. You can see the pinks and blues from the 405, but where are the best spots in Newport Beach to see an EPIC sunset? Here are a few of my favorites.

20 Thrifty Travel Tips to Rule Your Breaks

How do you travel luxuriously with a full-time job, a budget, and limited time off? I constantly get asked this question by followers, friends, and even family. My question to you is: What do you consider luxury? If you expect to be chartered off in a yacht with Lil' Wayne and Dom Pérignon, whatever you read here probably won't satisfy your travel dreams. But if you can bend your budget and make the most of your holidays and weekends, you can create memories of a lifetime.

You do not have to be rich to travel cheap.

11 Simple Ways to Fulfill your Budget Resolutions

You don't have to eliminate the joys in life. A small savings goes a long way. There are plenty of steps you can take to save a couple dollars here or there. Here are some ideas to get you on track to actually accomplish your New Year's resolution this year. You can live wealthy just by spending wisely.

Homemade Holiday Décor in 10 Minutes

Every year, Christmas falls on December 25th. Every year, it seems to creep up earlier than you expect. Since holiday decorations can only displayed for a short period of time, why spend bundles on them? For less than $10 and less than 10 minutes, we created these adorable holiday ornaments and jars. If you want to avoid the holiday crowds and expensive price tags, here's how!

A Day in North Hollywood With the New 2018 KIA Stinger GT

NoHo, short for North Hollywood, has a different vibe and feel than the rest of Los Angeles. Here you can experience the nuances of the new hipster generation as well as reflect on its dominance back in the 1970s. Let's be honest, Los Angelinos are proud of their hard work and they drive in luxury to show it. Take a ride in the fast lane with KIA's first GT (Gran Tourismo).

8 Summer Activities To Do in Lake Tahoe

Growing up just a few hours away, I've always thought of Lake Tahoe as a winter destination myself. I have spent a few winters here sipping hot chocolate by the fire after a full day of skiing. However, summer is a whole different kind of fun – full of outdoor activities, lakeside beaches, hiking and exquisite mountain views. The possibilities of summer activities in Lake Tahoe are endless! The aroma of pine trees and crisp mountain air follows you as you hike the Sierra Nevada mountains, kayak the large freshwater lake, or enjoy the fine dining the city has to offer.

How to Conquer New York City in 72 Hours

New York City. The city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, the city that will knock you off your feet if you don’t have a plan. If you're on a time crunch and still want to hit all the major destinations, this guide will make sure you make the most of your short trip. So get in your best New York City mindset because the hustle is real and the energy of the city can get intense!

Central California Road Trip Guide

Once in a while, taking the long way is more rewarding and fulfilling. If traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco, most people opt for the direct inland route of I-5 or the scenic route of I-101. However, neither of these routes are nearly as rewarding as taking the road less traveled and driving up the central coast on the beautiful California State Route 1. On my recent trip from LA to San Francisco, I decided to take the extra time to explore the California central coast on Highway 1, the highway that is described by many as the most scenic drive in America.